2019 Global Impact Report
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Green Teams

We know that in order to provide our Workmates with a special culture where they can bring their best selves to work, we need to provide opportunities for employees to align their purpose and passion in the workplace.

Our Green Team program does just that, providing a platform for our Workmates who care about people and the planet to take an active role in our efforts.

Our Green Team program is a global network of teams across 30 of our largest offices. We support these teams through a formal Green Team Local Leader program—an extension of our Sustainability team where passionate volunteer champions lead their local Green Teams, inspiring employees to get involved and help implement beneficial environmental solutions across Workday operations.

Sustainability Support Graph
of Workmates say sustainability is very important to them or that they support it

We provide a structured program where local leaders roll out quarterly initiatives based on themes guided by our Sustainability team. They also have the latitude to work on the programs that are most material to their local offices. We recognize that each global office is unique, and Green Teams can implement initiatives that best fit their office culture.

We provide the Green Teams with turnkey programming and support for event planning and communications. If local leaders meet expectations of the role, we reward them with $500 to donate to a charity of their choice.

The program has been a success at supporting a culture of sustainability at Workday, with 96 percent of Workmates sharing via our annual Great Place to Work survey, “My company does its fair share to reduce its environmental impact.”

Helping a Local School District Go Green

Green Teams do good beyond the walls of our offices. For example, the Green Team in Pleasanton, California, organized an event with the Go Green Initiative, a local nonprofit, to help schools reduce their environmental impact and teach students to do the same.

Pleasanton schools are required to provide green, blue, and black waste bins for compost, recycling and landfill, but Pleasanton Unified School District had only black landfill bins. To determine how many bins of each type to purchase, the district needed to perform an audit. The Pleasanton Green Team dug in—literally. Team members sorted through the lunch waste of 1,200 students, giving the school the data it needed to reduce its footprint for good.

Sustainable Office Supplies

What started over 10 years ago with a nudge from our Green Team has blossomed into a full program to focus on procuring sustainable office supplies. From FSC-certified paper with high recycled content, to only sourcing rechargeable batteries, to using pens made of recycled water bottles, we are ramping up our usage of more sustainable office supplies that we offer our Workmates. We have partnered with Office Depot to increase our usage of eco-friendly supplies through its GreenerOffice™ program.

In addition to traditional office supplies, we have switched to more sustainable cleaning supplies. These include soaps and detergents for break rooms that are free of harmful chemicals that can pollute waterways, as well as unbleached recycled-content paper towels and napkins that reduce energy, water, and waste over their production lifecycle.

Over 48 percent of our office supply spend in North America was “green” in FY19, and our goal is to push that well above 50 percent next year.