2019 Global Impact Report
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As a technology company offering cloud applications to our customers, the most prominent and material waste stream for Workday is electronic equipment. We have two primary sources: data centers and employees.

One stream includes servers, network equipment, and other infrastructure used in our data centers to provide applications to our customers. The other includes computers and peripherals provided to our employees to conduct their daily work.

Our goal is simple: Workday aims to responsibly dispose of 100 percent of our IT equipment. To do this, we implemented an Electronics Disposition Policy that covers all retired, excess, and obsolete electronics generated by our global operations. The policy applies to both our data centers that provide our cloud applications and our internal IT operations. Workday also provides e-waste bins throughout our Pleasanton headquarters campus, as well as our largest field offices, that employees can use to responsibly dispose of unwanted electronic equipment, such as cables, keyboards, and other peripherals.

We have partnered with a global electronics-disposition partner that meets our requirements for operating under ISO 14001 certification, as well as the strong e-Stewards certification (or a comparable local standard). Data security is always paramount—all drives are wiped and destroyed while certificates of destruction are retained.

By responsibly recycling and selling equipment for reuse, we are reducing our environmental impact while recovering value from obsolete IT equipment.

It’s a win-win for Workday and the environment, preventing hazardous waste from entering the waste stream via landfill or export.

Electronic Dispositions at Workday

By-the-Numbers (FY19)

Assets Icon
assets recycled
or resold
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154,721 lbs.
total weight
Value Recovered Icon
$1.8 Million
value recovered