2019 Global Impact Report
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Employee Impact

Giving back is even more rewarding when people get to make an impact through their favorite causes. Through a wide variety of programs, we strive to support the causes our employees care most about. Whether it means supporting shelter pets, fund-raising for life-saving medical research, expanding access to education, or providing services for the homeless and hungry in our communities, we make it easy for employees to get involved—and we reward their time and energy through charitable grants.

UNSDG Goal 1: No Poverty UNSDG Goal 4: Quality Education UNSDG Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Individual Volunteering

Every year, we recognize our employees who go above and beyond with a Volunteer of the Year (VOTY) award. We honor our top three Volunteer of the Year award winners with a $1,000, $2,500, and $5,000 grant—and each grant benefits the respective organizations where each winner donates their time. Winners are peer-selected by our Giving & Doing Local Leaders.

2019 Volunteer of the Year

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Employee Volunteering

By the Numbers (FY19)


Volunteer hours
$1.3 Million+

Volunteer grants
Team Volunteer Experience Photo

Team Volunteer Experience

Team Volunteer Experience Photo

Workday employees in our Atlanta office volunteering
with Habitat for Humanity.

Workday supports employees who want to become involved in their communities by making it easy, fun, and rewarding for them to do so. Through our Team Volunteer Experience, employees can volunteer in groups of five or more with a charity partner.

When teams volunteer together, the organization receives a grant for up to $5,000. Not only does this program build a culture of trust within teams while also improving the communities where we live and work, but it also helps welcome new employees and provides leadership-development opportunities. Planning these events is often a fun stretch assignment for employees looking to build new skills. Most importantly, they make a big impact for our nonprofit partners. Workday has a full-time staff member dedicated to this program, and we offer a concierge experience for any team looking to volunteer together—meaning, we’ll handle all of the planning and coordination when needed.

Team Volunteering

By the Numbers


Donated through team grant program


Donated through team grant program


Service projects organized through the Team Volunteer Experience

Since 2014

Team Volunteer Experiences since the program’s inception
Team Volunteer Photo

Our Boulder Workday employees volunteering with the Boulder Humane Society.

Team Volunteer Photo

In the Bay Area, Workday teams volunteer with local food banks, like the Alameda County Community Food Bank, to help end hunger in our communities.

Team Volunteer Photo

Workday employees volunteer in San Francisco with City Hope, an organization for those struggling with addiction, mental or physical illness, cycles of incarceration, poverty, homelessness, and isolation.

Charitable Donation Matching Gift Program

Our Charitable Donation Matching Gift program allows employees to double their donation to any qualified charity organization, up to $1,000 or equivalent per employee, per year. As the company has grown, so have our contributions to the community.

Employee Donation Matches

By the Numbers
Since 2012
$4.5 Million+
$1 Million+
$1.3 Million+

Employee Giving During Times of Disaster

When tragedies strike, our disaster relief donation matching program helps employees give beyond their annual match limit. Workday matches employee donations dollar-for-dollar to special disaster relief giving campaigns, providing support to those who need it most.

Giving & Doing Local Leaders Photo

Giving & Doing Local Leaders

We launched the Giving & Doing Local Leaders program in 2014 as a way for us to bring our charitable programming to life in offices around the globe. As of FY19, we have 68 Local Leaders in 37 offices worldwide. With the help of our Local Leaders, we’re able to not only bring our company-wide moments of social impact to offices around the globe, but we are also able to tailor volunteer events and charitable fund-raisers to local community needs. Local Leaders are offered support and financial resources designed for maximum flexibility to ensure their office gives back in a way that’s most meaningful to that city.

Shelter Pets Rock Photo

Shelter Pets Rock

To celebrate and spread awareness of the importance of fostering and adopting pets, we host an annual campaign called Shelter Pets Rock. With informational speaker sessions, on-site adoption opportunities, and a team foster program, we’re big believers in showing our shelter pets love.

Cycle for a Cause Photo

Cycle for a Cause

Workmates around the globe hopped on a bike, sported pink, and helped fund-raise for breast cancer research. Cycle for a Cause has become an annual initiative to help spread awareness and raise money for cancer research.

Big Volunteer Events

Throughout the year, our Giving & Doing team organizes large-scale volunteer opportunities where employees are invited to give back. Here’s a quick look at some of our bigger volunteer events:

Holiday Pop Up Shop

Every holiday season, offices around the world plan and host gift drives to help families in need. Many gift drives match recipients to gifts without allowing the family members to have much input in the process. While they may request specific items or sizes, they won’t necessarily receive the exact item they wanted, or the gift will be from a community member instead of from a family member.

We wanted to bring dignity back to the process. That’s why we partnered with a coalition of local organizations to support families in our Tri-Valley neighborhood through the Holiday Pop-Up Shop. We collected over 2,500 gifts in our first year of hosting the Pop-Up Shop at Workday, and then we welcomed 450 families to “shop” for holiday gifts for their children and loved ones. To top it off, employees volunteered their time by “working” at the shop in a variety of roles, including wrapping presents, assisting families with locating the right present or toy, serving hot cocoa or helping with set up, tear down, and organizing inventory.


Movember has become a signature fund-raising event at Workday where Workmates around the globe dedicate the month of November to men’s health. To promote men’s health awareness and preventive actions through the Movember Foundation, employees team up to raise money. In FY19, we fund-raised with a theme of focusing on men’s mental health and awareness, and our Workmates raised more than $200,000. Over the past six years, Workday has raised more than $740,500 for the Movember Foundation.

Raised by Workmates for
the Movember Foundation

Holiday Pop Up Shop

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Workday Community Photo


What started as a homegrown volunteer event that a handful of software engineers developed to help give back to the community has now grown into a company-wide challenge united under one cause: help end hunger in our communities. During our annual Cangineering contest, offices around the globe build creative sculptures out of cans of food, and colleagues vote for their favorite to earn bonus donations to their local food bank. Both the cans and the cash are donated to combat hunger in participating cities.

Engaging Workmates in Board Service

In partnership with Cause Strategy Partners, we teach employees about giving back in a nonprofit board service deep-dive seminar, which covers the basics of board service through an interactive learning experience and a panel of employees who currently serve on boards. Participants learn about how a board member supports a charitable organization’s strategy, operations, and mission; receive an overview on finding an appropriate board placement opportunity; best practices for board service; and a crash course in the personal, legal, and financial expectations of being on a board.

We also launched a video series on Workday Learning for Workmates interested in nonprofit board service. From the video series, employees walk away with more information about the ins and outs of board service, have an increased confidence in how to make an impact through service, and feel empowered to start their own nonprofit board service journey.

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I’ve always wanted to get more involved with philanthropy. Previously, I had very limited knowledge on what it means to be a board member and now I know how to get started and what questions to ask. Naturally, there is more research and work to be done, but I feel like I’m well on my way to figuring it out. Thanks to Workday for providing this experience!
Workmate Seminar Attendee
Doing Good With Our Customers Photo

Doing Good with Our Customers

Our Giving & Doing team organizes a hands-on volunteer activity at each of our largest company conferences. In 2018, we made it easy for Workday Rising attendees in the U.S. and EMEA to join the Opportunity Onramps movement with the opportunity to volunteer on-site at the conference with partner workforce development organizations. Attendees participated in mock interviews, resume reviews, and networking workshops with the goal to help close the opportunity gap.

In addition to our on-site workforce development volunteer sessions, our Giving & Doing team has also offered opportunities for conference attendees to build comfort kits for low-income chemotherapy patients, conduct science experiments with kindergartners, build back-to-school backpacks for underserved youth, and much, much more.