2019 Global Impact Report
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Innovation with Integrity

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All Workday products and services are rooted in our core values. Our AI ethics principles further guide how we develop machine learning and AI functionality responsibly.

Barbara Cosgrove—Chief Privacy Officer

UNSDG Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

AI Ethics

We believe that innovations in AI, machine learning algorithms, and big data analytics can improve our customers’ experiences, benefit their workers, and make our customers’ businesses run better.

As our customers move toward a people-centric, machine learning-enabled future, we launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ethics Initiative in 2018 to ensure the ethical development of our machine learning (ML) products.

At Workday, we’re firm believers that business and government need to collaborate. In fact, in our enterprise intelligence whitepaper, we call on policymakers, regulators, civil society, academics, and industry to continue to develop and refine approaches for how best to leverage the promise of big data analytics (BDA) and AI while also promoting the ethical and responsible use of these technologies across society.

To guide our machine learning efforts and define guideposts for artificial intelligence development, we created the Workday AI Ethical Commitments: we put people first, we act fairly and respect the law, we are transparent and accountable, we protect data, we deliver enterprise-ready ML technologies, and we care about our society.

In addition, as a proponent of AI and advanced analytics, we want to reaffirm Workday’s continued commitment to privacy. First and foremost, the personal data our customers share with us is their data. We believe strong privacy protections can live in harmony with the data needs of advanced analytics and increased data-driven decision-making. We also believe that privacy rights must be protected through strong legislation and enforcement that ensures ethical use of individuals’ information.

The long-term effects of big data and AI technology can be far-reaching, but they are not forces beyond our control. It is incumbent on us to properly manage their growth and unlock their tremendous potential to improve all aspects of society.

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All Workday Ventures companies advance Workday’s commitment to bring innovative and complementary solutions to our customers.

Leighanne Levensaler—Workday Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy, and Managing Director and Co-Head, Workday Ventures

Workday Ventures

Workday Ventures was created out of a desire to focus on innovation and a commitment to our customers. Workday Ventures is the strategic investment arm of Workday, Inc., focused on accelerating the growth of emerging enterprise software companies that enhance the Workday customer experience and complement Workday products and services. The $250 million fund was launched in February 2018, with investments in companies focused on areas such as machine learning, employee enablement, data and analytics, and robotic process automation.

Our intention was also rooted in Workday core values, which we feel are foundational to our success. We act with integrity—we do things the right way by helping our portfolio companies understand the enterprise technology space, connecting them with customers, and offering technical integrations that help their business grow.

When we look at the companies we’re supporting through Workday Ventures, we’re seeing a few common threads:

  • They support a strong, inclusive future. Three Workday Ventures companies are B Corporations—businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. The goals of B Corporations help everybody—employees, consumers, and society.
  • They represent society. In FY19, we held investments in 18 portfolio companies. One-third—six total—of our Workday Ventures companies are led or founded by women. We’re proud of this when you consider only 2 percent of U.S. venture capital went to companies with all-women founding teams in 2017, just 12 percent to teams with at least one woman, and only 8 percent of U.S. venture capital firms have female partners.
  • They focus on helping people be their best, both personally and professionally. We think this is critical because, as we all know, people are at the heart of any organization’s success.
  • They bring innovative solutions to the Workday community. All Workday Ventures companies align with the Workday commitment to bring innovative and complementary solutions to our customers.

Landit, Inc.

What’s Landit? A one-size-fits-one career pathing platform, Landit increases the success of women and diverse groups in the workplace, and enables companies to attract, develop, and retain high-potential, diverse talent.

What makes it special: Women-owned and run, Landit is also a certified B Corporation—and a mix of being purpose-driven and innovative.

Make Work, Work Better

Workday serves individuals who are responsible for leading their organizations to a better future. We believe our role is to empower these people to lead with certainty and confidence.

To ensure our customers can pursue their vision without compromise, we design our applications to give people the insights they need to make decisions based on data, not guesswork. To execute shifts in organizational structures seamlessly and adapt to complex regulatory changes with ease. And to provide them with the technology necessary for long-term success.

We strive to develop products that help workers accomplish their tasks more efficiently, managers to get to know their employees better so they can foster their growth, and finance leaders to report financial results with confidence.

We collaborate with our customers to ensure their needs drive our innovation. We see this as critical to the success of not only our business, but our customers’ businesses as well—which goes back to one of our strongest foundational pillars.

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Workday excels at their partnership with their clients. They are willing to build the system the way the users want/need it to be. It’s the only system that I’ve known that really listens to their customers and enhances the system
to work better for them.
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A Frictionless Talent Marketplace

Today’s employers say they have millions of open jobs available but lack workers with the right skills to fill them. Machine-learning-driven technologies such as the skills cloud in Workday can give workers access to the training and upskilling that enable them to be effective today and remain relevant for the future. Organizations also benefit from skills cloud through the ability to find skilled workers for open jobs and project work through a frictionless talent marketplace.

Through a wide variety of Workday technologies, we’re putting employees in the driver’s seat and making skills-development and life-long learning a reality.