2019 Global Impact Report
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Stakeholder Engagement

It’s not surprising that a company founded on the idea of putting people at the center of enterprise software values its stakeholders.

We view our stakeholders—individuals who or entities that are affected by our business activities—as part of an interconnected network of partnerships that promote mutual cooperation and success. That’s why building relationships with stakeholders and engaging in collaborative, rather than competitive, strategies is a critical foundation to our business. Our business model includes engaging with stakeholders to better understand their priorities and react more quickly to business trends that impact our customers.

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Workday Community

We collaborate with our customers on Workday Community, a portal where we can interact and brainstorm around best practices and product features. Customers can get their questions answered by our experts, vote for new features, receive product updates, and share assets, such as reports.

Workday Leadership

“Ask Us Anything” is a regular online chat between our leadership team and employees. Any employee can ask anything, as well as provide feedback directly to senior leaders. Our CEO also shares his email directly with employees and our chief people officer regularly asks for feedback on the pulse of our culture.

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Workday Rising

Our annual user conference, Workday Rising, brings together senior management, employees, customers, prospective customers, and consulting partners to learn from and network with each other.

Opportunity Onramps

Opportunity Onramps is a series of programs aimed at closing the opportunity gap. We provide paid work-based learning opportunities for military veterans, opportunity youth, and adults who have taken time off for caregiving responsibilities.

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Green Teams

We engage employees in our sustainability journey through Green Teams at 30 of our largest offices. These passionate employees volunteer to help us assess and improve sustainable business practices.