2019 Global Impact Report
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Our Culture

When you walk through our doors, you feel the buzz that’s generated by employees empowered to dream big and carry through on game-changing ideas. Our core values give us a framework for leadership and daily decisions, and help us enjoy our time at work.

Core Values

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Happy employees lead to happy customers, and that’s why employees are at the center of our values. We believe our employees are at their best when everyone works together and feels like they belong. We want to work with talented, smart, empathetic, kind, and personable people who choose a team-first culture. We offer an employee-first culture to support and encourage our employees and their families.
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Customer Service
We are deeply committed to the long-term success of our customers, always striving for the highest levels of customer and user satisfaction. Our customers are at the heart of every decision we make and every action we take. Our customers’ success is paramount, and we relentlessly go above and beyond to solve our customers’ needs.
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We are committed to driving innovation within a complacent enterprise software industry that’s mired in legacy technologies. We gather passionate and creative people and build diverse teams. We intentionally enhance and create a sense of belonging, engage our whole community, and take smart risks so we can continuously shape the future.
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At Workday, we work hard to build and sustain a culture of honesty. We are committed to earning the trust of our employees, customers, partners, investors, and our communities. We believe winning is important, but how we win is just as important.
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People who have fun at work do more work and better work, and have a contagiously positive effect on their coworkers. At Workday, fun is not a corporate program or policy. It’s a core value that’s ingrained into the way we work.
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We believe that profitability is like health: It’s really important, and the more the better. We don’t exist to be profitable. We exist to build great software products, hire the best people, and deliver the best customer service. We believe that by living our values extraordinarily well, making smart choices, being responsible, and spending wisely that profitability naturally follows.


We know that competitive compensation is fundamental to employees feeling valued, motivated, and recognized for their contributions. We believe that providing employees with company ownership, solid pay, and a range of benefits is table stakes for being great place to work. As Workday has evolved and matured as an organization, we’ve generated solid financial results, and through this journey we continue to share our successes with employees.

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We offer market-based compensation and benefits that reflect our core values and align with our business strategy. In the U.S., we offer plans to help save for retirement, such as a 401(k) plan with a company match and a Health Savings Account (HSA). We also offer a variety of benefits to support family needs, including a generous parental leave policy, backup child care, reimbursement for adoption costs, contributions to a 529 college savings plan, and even pet insurance. See a list of benefits by significant locations.

  • Flexible time off: To better manage the demands of work and life, U.S. salaried employees have no set amount of vacation days. Instead, they are free to take the time off that they need, taking into account business needs after discussion with managers.
  • Every employee is a shareholder: All new hires receive ownership in Workday through restricted stock unit grants.
  • Employee feedback is heard: We survey our employees annually with a Compensation, Benefits, and Perks survey. Based on our employee feedback, we made changes to benefit offerings, such as base pay, retirement, paid time off, and learning and development opportunities.

Compensation Philosophy

To continually understand the market, every year we benchmark ourselves against other companies with similar attributes and use that information to build budgets and make compensation adjustments. In addition, we continue to evaluate how we’re doing in other more indirect areas of compensation, which has resulted in increases to 401(k) matches and ongoing enhancements to our other benefits plans.

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Our Commitment to Pay Parity

Ensuring we have pay parity at Workday is a priority for us. During our recent annual compensation cycle, we ran global gender and U.S. ethnicity-based analyses and found a small number of disparities across all demographics, which we were able to quickly adjust. We know that maintaining pay parity is an ongoing journey and we will continue to monitor it regularly, as well as continue to enhance Workday applications to support this work for both the company and our customers. Following our latest annual compensation cycle, we shared feedback on our process with the Workday product teams and sought input from customers about their pay parity analysis practices, with the goal of making it easier for customers to run their own pay parity analyses using Workday.

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The Global Workplace Safety Team

The Global Workplace Safety team supports the traditional corporate areas of Employee Health & Safety and Physical Security for Workday on a global scale. From the workplace to work-related travels, it’s our goal to keep our Workmates safe.

Here are a few programs we’ve implemented:

  • Situational Awareness Training: While workplace violence is an unlikely event, Workday is committed to providing resources to help all workers remain healthy and safe. All employees and contractors across the globe were asked to complete mandatory training on situational awareness. Eighty-eight percent of our employees took part in the situational awareness training, and it remains the most watched video in Workday Learning.
  • Life Safety Team Program: We have Life Safety Team volunteers in the majority of our global offices who are trained in building evacuation procedures, CPR, AED use, and first aid, ready to assist in the event of an emergency. We have distributed Life Safety Team backpacks with basic equipment to aid in floor sweeps, and signage that can be recognized from location to location.
  • Badge and Visitor Program: At Workday, we require all employees, contractors, and vendors to wear their badge visibly when on Workday property. Visitors are required to check in on the Envoy visitor management system when they arrive at a Workday office location. Upon arrival, guests are issued a visitor badge that they must wear in addition to being accompanied at all times.
  • Security at Corporate Events: The Global Workplace Safety took a critical review of the current security procedures. Since then, best practices have been developed and put in place to ensure the safety of Workmates, customers, prospects, and partners at all Workday internal and external events.

Internationally Recognized Culture

At Workday, our Workmates aren’t just part of our success—they’re our everything. After all, we’re firm believers that happy employees mean happy customers.

But don’t just take our word for it. Our dedication to the employee experience has been recognized around the world. Many organizations, including the Great Place to Work Institute, have acknowledged Workday as one of the best places to work. In 2019, we moved up to #4 from #7 on the Great Place to Work ranking in the U.S. And this recognition isn’t the institute’s opinion—most of it is based directly on employee feedback.


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100 Best Companies to Work For
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50 Best Workplaces in Technology
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World’s Most Innovative Companies
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  • #4   100 Best Workplaces for Millennials
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  • #1   Best Workplace UK (Medium Category)
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  • #1   Best Workplace in the Bay Area
    SF Business Times
  • #81  Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations
    in the World
    Corporate Knights
  • #3   Great Place to Work Germany
    (Best Workplaces)
    Great Place to Work
  • #17  Green Power Parnership: Top 30 Tech & Telecom


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100 Best Companies to Work For
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  • #24  100 Best Companies for Women
  • #27  100 Best Workplaces for Millennials
  • #1   Best Workplace in the Bay Area
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  • #16  50 Best Companies That Care
    People Magazine
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What does a typical day at Workday look like? There are a lot of ingredients in our culture’s “secret sauce,” but here’s a sampling of the wide variety of benefits, perks, and programs we offer.

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Creating Connections

The Employee Programs team brings employees together to have fun and create social connections through memorable Halloween celebrations, joy-filled holiday gatherings, Friday happy hours (or Cantinas, as they are known at Workday), and a wide variety of other events designed to help every employee find fun throughout the year. These events provide our people with the chance to get to know other Workmates from outside of their department.

Team Fun Experience

Our Team Fun Experience makes planning fun-filled outings easy for our entire workforce. Any group of five or more Workmates can sign up for a fun, team-bonding activity, with offerings like ramen-making class, paint nights, cheese tasting, mixology lessons, or succulent planting workshops. It’s our way of cultivating a culture of trust through a custom-planned team bonding experience.

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Our Workmates get discounts on everything from cars to computers to exercise equipment through our perks and discounts program. With more than 30,000 unique discounts on dining, fitness, auto, electronics, travel, home, apparel, and more, there’s something for every Workmate no matter where they sit in the world. We also like to shower our employees with unique gifts and swag through online contests. Prizes have included tickets to the hit play Hamilton, Apple watches, tickets to see Justin Timberlake, and even a four-pack of tickets to Disneyland. And for those employees who work from home, we bring the fun to them whenever possible through care packages, virtual contests, and surprise gift cards.

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Fun and family are cornerstones of our culture. We host a number of family-centric events throughout the year, including a hugely popular summer party in our headquarters location where Workmates bring their families to a local amusement park for an all-day company celebration. We also host a series of events that allow our Workmates’ family members to experience all that Workday has to offer, including Bring Your Kids to Workday, Bring Your Parents to Workday, and even a Bring Your Dogs to Workday event, where employees bring their dogs (also known as Workdogs) to our Pleasanton headquarters.


Whether it’s board games, sports, arts and crafts, outdoor activities, books, dancing, video games, or investing—Workday has a club for everyone. We have more than 100 active clubs, all created and run by our employees. They range from sports teams to ping-pong to online gaming, crafting, and chess—and all clubs can request annual funding to support their activities.

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We understand that it is tough to fit in a full-time job and the busy demands of daily life—that’s why we try to make it as easy as possible for our Workmates to get things done. At our Pleasanton headquarters, we bring in-demand services on-site so employees can take care of their dry cleaning, mail packages, get a massage, have their gas tank filled while they work, or even take advantage of our managed carpool service to make getting to and from work a breeze.