2019 Global Impact Report
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Belonging & Diversity

At Workday, we value inclusion, belonging, and equity for all. In other words, we VIBE™! Our approach to diversity is simple: it’s about everyone. We strive to be the best workplace where all employees are valued for their unique perspectives, and where we all succeed by bringing our best selves to collectively contribute to our success and innovation.

UNSDG Goal 5: Gender Equality UNSDG Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities

Value Inclusion, Belonging,
and Equity at Workday

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We believe that employee diversity—including different backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, insights, and skills—fuels innovation, and creates a broader connection to the world.

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Our Progress Toward a More Diverse and Equitable Future

From embedding equal pay efforts into our company-wide equity initiatives to signing the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge, we’re doing what it takes to build an inclusive workplace for all.

Our Chief Diversity Officer Carin Taylor joined in December 2017, and our Belonging & Diversity team is charged with creating innovative business strategies to support organizational objectives.

“Signing this pledge supports our ongoing efforts to VIBE, or Value Inclusion, Belonging, and Equity,” says Chief Diversity Officer Carin Taylor. “Diverse perspectives play a significant role in driving innovation—and removing barriers to inclusion by considering ideas from all voices.”

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We’re also proud to be one of the nearly 180 companies to put our name on the Business Statement for Transgender Equality, which opposes any effort to erase transgender protections in the U.S.

With diversity as a business imperative, our efforts have been recognized with a number of related workplace awards in 2018, including the ranking of:

Diversity at Workday

Looking at our diversity data, we’ve seen several notable trends across our organization this past year. For example, we continue to make strides in increasing the diversity of our leadership—defined as roles of director and above—across Workday. In FY19, 33 percent of Workday leadership positions are currently held by women, minorities make up 44 percent of Workday employees, and women hold 38 percent of Workday management positions. While the trend in most categories is heading in a positive direction, we recognize that we still have a lot of work and opportunities ahead of us to get to a more equitable future. We continue to focus largely on data to understand the makeup of our organization and recognize important patterns, such as attrition and promotion of underrepresented groups.

FY19 Gender

FY19 Gender Total Global Population Chart
FY19 Gender Leadership Chart
FY19 Gender Management Chart

FY19 Ethnic

FY19 Ethnic Diversity Total US Population Chart
FY19 Ethnic Diversity Leadership Chart
FY19 Ethnic Diversity Management Chart

FY19 Age
Group Diversity

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FY19 Age Leadership Chart
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Employee Belonging Councils

In celebration of our diverse and inclusive workplace, we created Employee Belonging Councils (EBCs). EBCs are employee-organized groups focused on underrepresented communities. Members build community knowledge and establish strategic partnerships; in return, EBCs create a safe space that fosters the opportunity to network, connect, innovate, and celebrate.

Our Employee Belonging Councils

Through engagement, EBCs build knowledge, create safe spaces, foster innovation, enable business initiatives, and engage in community outreach.

Asian Pacific Islanders Logo
Asian Pacific Islanders
(South Asian Community)
(Filipino Community)
Latinx Logo
Latinx (Latinx/Hispanic Community)
People with Disabilities Logo
People with
Workday Pride Logo
Workday Pride
(LGBTQ Community)
The Talented Tenth Logo
The Talented Tenth
(African American/Black Community)
Veterans@Workday Logo
(Military Community)
Women@Workday Logo
(Gender Equality)
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Our EBCs are leading important work across the company to help celebrate, educate, and connect Workmates together from around the world—for example, International Women’s Day, where our Women @ Workday EBC encouraged Workmates to #PressForProgress and celebrate the social, economical, cultural, and political achievements for women.

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Or our Diwali celebration, led by our Asian Pacific Islander EBC. Bringing our best selves to work means celebrating the best parts of us, and that includes important cultural celebrations that any Workmate can attend.

Hiring (and Retaining) Diverse Talent

We have strategic initiatives in place to increase the ways in which we source and recruit top diverse talent. We have internal referral programs and we partner with several external organizations to help us source diverse candidates for open positions. We also engage members of our EBCs to act as recruiting ambassadors on college campuses and at external events and conferences.

Grace Hopper

As a proud sponsor of the Grace Hopper Women in Computing Conference—the largest event for women in computing—we offer collaboration, mentorship, inspiration, and connectivity for women in technology. The event is designed to bring the research and career interests of women in computing to the forefront, which aligns with our mission to help eliminate the gender gap in technology.

Lesbians Who Tech + Allies

As a proud sponsor of Lesbians Who Tech + Allies, we are committed to strengthening LGBTQ visibility and offer allyship. The event is designed to bridge gaps, commit to intersectionality, and changing the face of technology. The 40,000 non-binary, LGBTQ women, queer women of color (and our allies) in tech who make up our community come from every background and live in over 40+ cities worldwide. Annually, employees from all over the country show up in the Castro district of San Francisco to learn, network, and present alongside more than 6,000 lesbians, queer women, and allies across all areas of tech for Lesbians Who Tech + Allies.

United Negro College Fund (UNCF)

UNCF founded the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) Innovation Summit program in 2013—a national movement to drive innovation, entrepreneurship, and access for African American communities in the worlds of tech and science. For the second year, we were privileged to host a Tech Trek tour with HBCU students at Workday, with more than 150 fellows and 20 faculty members representing more than 40 HBCUs.

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It’s amazing to see increased engagement across the HBCU and tech industry landscape. We’ve identified some amazing, talented students who could work anywhere they wanted in Silicon Valley.

Vince Lopez—Engineering Manager and HBCU Advocate

Products Supporting Diversity

Diversity Dashboard Screenshot

The Diversity Dashboard

The Diversity dashboard provides our customers with real-time data about their workforce, including gender, ethnicity, age, veteran status, and other dimensions of diversity.

Gender/Orientation Self-Identification in Workday

U.S. employees have the option to input their preferred pronoun, gender identity, and sexual orientation in Workday. Even more exciting, the introduction of this option has been extended to our customers, reinforcing to Workmates that we have the ability to positively influence not only ourselves, but also the world around us through product enhancements.

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As we seek to understand one another, we’ll continue to make Workday a great place to work through awareness and compassion. We must value all elements of diversity including, but not limited to, race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, generation, perspective, physical ability, and more. Our values, policies, and products should naturally align with what our employees value and reflect.

Carin Taylor—Chief Diversity Officer, Workday

Supplier Diversity Program

At Workday, we believe our supplier base should represent the diversity of our workforce and customers. That’s why we’re committed to including qualified, diverse businesses in our supplier selection process. Our Global Strategic Sourcing oversees an effort to identify and partner with qualified suppliers with diversity classifications including minority-owned business enterprises (MBE), women-owned (WBE), disability-owned (DBE), veteran-owned (VBE), disabled veteran-owned (DVBE), lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender-owned (LGBTBE), and other small businesses.

Supplier Diversity Stats

% Diverse Spend % Diverse Suppliers
All Diversity Classifications 16% 44%
Small Business 13% 42%
Women Owned 3% 7%
Minority Owned 4% 3%
Veteran Owned Less than 1% 1%
Green 8% 10%