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Why this is important.

In 2005, Workday founders Aneel Bhusri and Dave Duffield created a company based on a core set of values that guide our interactions, decisions, and leadership. We value our employees, and we emphasize customer service, innovation, integrity, fun, and profitability.

The result is an inspiring culture that focuses on our people. We listen to them and we encourage them to have fun. And all Workday employees are committed to achieving the industry’s highest customer satisfaction rating.

"We firmly believe that a strong employee-first culture is the key to our success. Our culture empowers our employees to achieve their organizational objectives, give their personal best, and work together as a team -- ultimately defining who we are as a company and the customer experience we provide."
Aneel Bhusri
Co-Founder and CEO

Our priorities.

At Workday, we have three overarching priorities when it comes to our employees:

  • Employee experience: Our culture and how we treat people are paramount at Workday. We focus on our core values, communicate transparently, treat everyone with respect, reward hard work, take part in fun and wacky events, come together to strengthen our local communities, and invest in a variety of employee-recognition programs that show appreciation for our colleagues’ contributions, both large and small. Because we focus on our people, Workday has earned widespread recognition as a great place to work.
  • Employee development: Many people are attracted to Workday because we have an environment where employees can continually learn and grow. We focus on programs and opportunities to help people realize their potential and take charge of their careers.
  • Belonging and diversity: A sense of belonging is fundamental to our productivity and Wellbeing at work. We encourage people to bring their full, authentic selves to work and we focus on innovative ways to provide and enhance a culture where all of our employees feel valued.

Actions and results.

Employee experience.

Our workforce.

At Workday, our people aren’t just employees—they’re Workmates. We take pride in a culture where our employees can be themselves and reach their goals as they deliver a great experience for our customers. We work hard, have fun, and make sure everyone shares in the company’s success.

Our talent comes from all over the world. Our global, diverse team is a melting pot of cultures, generations, and experiences. We have offices around the world, including the United States, Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, and Sweden. Workmates work remotely in additional locations worldwide.

By the end of FY17, we had more than 6,600 employees in these areas, representing over 50 percent employee growth from the end of FY15.

Core values.

When you walk through our doors, you feel the buzz that’s generated by employees empowered to dream big and carry through on game-changing ideas.

Our core values create the foundation for everything we do. Not only do they provide a framework for leadership and daily decisions, but they also ensure every employee has the best Workday experience. The Workday core values facilitated our current achievements and drive our future success:

  • Employees: We view every employee from a “whole person” perspective, enabling them to show up as their authentic selves while putting their professional passions to work. We foster supportive connections through appreciation and care for our employees, as well as their families and the communities from which they come.
  • Customer service: We fundamentally believe every Workday employee’s role is to serve as a customer advocate, and we take our jobs very seriously. To that end, honesty and transparency are at the crux of every customer interaction.
  • Innovation: Fearlessness and empowerment provide the fuel for how we do business. For us, innovation extends beyond technology to every business function and benefits both Workday and our customers.
  • Integrity: First and foremost, we prioritize doing the right thing in all interactions. We believe in personal accountability by honoring every relationship and creating bonds both internally and externally.
  • Fun: We celebrate success with simple and spontaneous actions. We advocate for inclusion and believe the most wonderful expressions of fun are organic and a natural outcome of truly enjoying engagement with each other, our products, our customers, and our communities.
  • Profitability: We recognize that small things add up to big savings, so we promote wise spending and making smart choices. Rather than focusing on cost cutting, we encourage idea generation that enables us to reduce our expenses.
“Employees are finding great value in the work they’re doing here, in the way we’re changing an industry, and in our focus on people, including employees and customers. We've got plenty of our own perks, but I think the way that you see employees respond here is because there's a deeper level of purpose and passion.”
Eric Glass
VP, Corporate Communications

Belonging and diversity.

Workday views diversity as a business imperative, and our efforts have been recognized with a number of related workplace awards in 2016, including the ranking of #22 on Fortune ’s Best Workplaces for Diversity and #23 on Fortune ’s Best Workplaces for Women. We focus on strengthening Workday through hiring, developing, and retaining a diverse global workforce; finding new ways to support our employee-first culture; and helping our customers build more diverse cultures focused on a sense of belonging.

Best Places to Work for Diversity (Fortune) in 2016

Workday is committed to maintaining a culture where everyone feels valued.

Toward a more diverse and equitable workforce.

We firmly believe that we are moving toward a more equitable future. To that end, we regularly analyze our diversity data and have built diversity data into our internal executive dashboards. We know that for this work to remain a priority, it must be seen alongside our other key performance indicators (KPIs).

Workday embraces diversity—including different life and work experiences, perspectives, insights, backgrounds, and skills—because it fuels innovation, and creates a broader connection to the world. We believe that all employees deserve equal pay and an equal chance to succeed. That’s why we’re proud to be a signatory of the White House’s Equal Pay Pledge, as it supports our ongoing commitment to close the gender wage gap.

Looking at our diversity data, we’ve seen several notable trends across our organization this past year. For example, we continue to make strides in increasing the diversity of our leadership—defined as roles of director and above—across Workday. Between FY16 and FY17, we saw our biggest increases in women in leadership roles (3.5 percent), Asians in management roles (11.4 percent), and Hispanic/Latinos in management roles (2.3 percent). While the trend in most categories is heading in a positive direction, we recognize that we still have a lot of work and opportunities ahead of us to get to a more equitable future.

women in leadership in FY17

Employee belonging.

Employee Belonging Councils.

As a globally recognized “Great Place to Work,” Workday is committed to supporting a diverse and inclusive workplace, and we recognize the importance of involving all of our Workmates in fostering a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with our mission, values, goals, and business objectives. Employee Belonging Councils (EBCs) are global employee-led groups that come together over a shared characteristic or experience and serve as a resource for members and the company. fostering a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with our mission, values, goals, and business objectives.

At Workday, we have the following EBCs:

The EBCs help strengthen an inclusive workplace environment that enables the maximum potential of employees’ talents, skills, and abilities, as well as provides new perspectives that enhance positive collaboration and communication across our organization.

Each EBC has an executive sponsor. They work collaboratively with the EBC leaders to positively promote and visibly support belonging and diversity programs throughout the company.

Our EBC members are also helping to cultivate the diverse talent pipeline as active volunteers. For example, The Talented Tenth has partnered with Black Girls Code, Girls Who Code, and Spark mentors to help prepare the next generation of leaders in tech. The Workday Foundation supports our Employee Belonging Council volunteer efforts through team grants in recognition of their investment of time and energy.


We are making efforts to increase the ways in which we source and recruit top diverse talent. We have internal referral programs that offer cash incentives and we partner with several external organizations to help us source diverse candidates for open positions. We also engage members of our Employee Belonging Councils to act as recruiting ambassadors on college campuses and at external events and conferences.

Now in its second year, the Career Accelerator Program (CAP) is an internal program that offers practical, hands-on experience within the high-tech sector to military personnel who are transitioning to civilian careers. The first CAP pilot had a cohort of 12 military veterans, 10 of whom were converted to full-time employees. That is an 83 percent conversion success rate, which far surpasses the conversion rate of traditional summer internship programs. The second cohort has 15 participants, and we expect the program to continue to expand and grow. To help source candidates for CAP, we partner with Hirepurpose, an organization that is committed to helping transitioning service members, veterans, and military spouses find careers they love.

conversion success rate of the Career Accelerator Program

Another one of our partnerships is with Code2040, a nonprofit organization that creates pathways to educational, professional, and entrepreneurial success in technology for underrepresented minorities with a specific focus on Blacks and Latino/as. Code2040 aims to close the achievement, skills, and wealth gaps in the United States. As a sponsor of the fellow program, we will place high-performing Black and Latino/a software engineering students in internships at our headquarters campus in 2017.

Workday is a proud sponsor of the Grace Hopper Women in Computing Conference, orchestrated by the Anita Borg Institute. This conference not only offers collaboration and mentorship, but it also serves as a guide for inspiration and connectivity for women in technology. It is designed to bring the research and career interests of women in computing to the forefront. As a Gold Sponsor in 2016, we had 73 Workmates in attendance and two Workmates were chosen to present at the event. We will be returning to Grace Hopper as a Diamond Sponsor in the Fall of 2017.


Workday has the power to provide our customers with real-time data about their workforce, including gender, ethnicity, age, veteran status, and many other dimensions of diversity. Customers not only see their progress toward their diversity goals at any level of the organization, but they can also view pay equity, time-to-promotion, turnover, and numerous other indicators that can help a company recognize and address strengths, gaps, and opportunities.

Through insights gained from customers and changing societal norms, the Workday Student team recognized a need for additional gender categories beyond the traditional male/female choices. Through conversations with our higher-education customers, internal and external members of the LGBT community, and the Workday Belonging & Diversity team, we added numerous additional categories for gender identity, sexual orientation, and pronoun choices.

Internationally recognized culture.

At Workday, our Workmates aren’t just part of our success—they’re our everything. As our Chairman and Co-Founder Dave Duffield likes to say, “Happy employees mean happy customers.”

But don’t just take our word for it. Our dedication to the employee experience has been recognized around the world. Many organizations, including the Great Place to Work Institute, have acknowledged Workday as one of the best places to work. And this recognition isn’t just the institute’s opinion—most of it is based directly on employee feedback.


  • #31 100 Best Companies to Work For (Fortune)
  • # 2 10 Best Large Workplaces in Tech (Fortune)
  • #22 Best Places to Work for Diversity (Fortune)
  • #23 100 Best Workplaces for Women (Fortune)
  • #7 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials (Fortune)
  • #11 20 Best Workplaces for Gen X’ers (Fortune)
  • #3 20 Best Workplaces for Baby Boomers (Fortune)
  • #7 20 Best Workplaces in California (Fortune)
  • #32 50 Best Workplaces for Giving Back (Fortune)
  • #10 50 Best Workplaces for New College Grads (Fortune)
  • #11 50 Best Workplaces for Parents (Fortune)
  • #1 Top Workplace for Large Companies (Bay Area News Group)
  • #2 Best Place to Work in the Bay Area for Large Companies (San Francisco Business Times/Silicon Valley Business Journal)
  • #22 Best Place to Work in Europe (Great Place to Work®)


  • #22 100 Best Companies to Work For (Fortune)
  • #6 Best Places to Work for Diversity (Fortune)
  • #47 100 Best Workplaces for Women (Fortune)
  • #1 Top Workplace for Large Companies (Bay Area News Group)
  • Top 10 Coolest Companies to Work for Based in the Bay Area (Great Place to Work®)
  • #1 Best Place to Work in the Bay Area for Large Companies (San Francisco Business Times/Silicon Valley Business Journal)

Programs and events: emphasis on fun.

What does a typical day at Workday look like? The real answer is that we don’t want any day to be considered “typical.”

There are a lot of ingredients in our “fun recipe”—here’s a sampling of the wide variety of benefits, perks, and programs we offer.

Bringing Workmates together: The Employee Programs team brings groups together to have fun and celebrate success through Cantina Cocktail Fridays, pool tournaments, themed dress days, national foodie days, and countless other fun and festive get-togethers. These events provide our people with the chance to get to know other Workmates from outside of their department, and amp up the Workday camaraderie.

Family: Fun and family are cornerstones of our culture. We host a hugely popular Halloween event with trick-or-treating for employees’ kids, a summer carnival, and “Bring Your Kids to Workday” and “Bring Your Parents to Workday” events, and even let employees bring their dogs (also known as furry family members) to work at our Pleasanton headquarters.

Perks: Our Workmates get discounts on everything from cars to computers to exercise equipment through our Perks and Discounts program. We also like to shower our employees with surprise gifts and swag through online contests such as “Play-to-Win Trivia” or “What’s on Your Bucket List?” No matter which office you are based in, you will see employees proudly sporting their Workday-branded gear. And for those employees who work from home, we bring the fun to them whenever possible through care packages and online gift cards.

Clubs: We have more than 70 clubs, all created and run by our employees. They range from sports teams to ping-pong, online gaming, crafting, and chess.

Services: We understand that it is tough to fit in a full-time job and the demands of daily life—that’s why we try to make it as easy as possible for our Workmates to get things done. At our Pleasanton headquarters, we bring in-demand services on-site so employees can take care of their dry cleaning, see the chiropractor, and get their car washed while they work, leaving more of their free time to have fun with family.


We offer a range of benefits that provide choice and flexibility. In the U.S. we offer plans to help save for retirement such as a 401(k) plan with a company match and a Health Savings Account. We also offer a variety of benefits to support family needs including a new parental leave policy, backup child care, reimbursement for adoption costs, and even pet insurance. See a list of benefits by significant locations here.

Flexible time off: To better manage the demands of work and life, U.S. salaried employees have no set amount of vacation days. Instead, they are free to take the time off that they need, based on manager approval.

Every employee is a shareholder: All new hires receive ownership in Workday through restricted stock unit grants.

Employee development.

Unified approach to empowering talent.

Many people are attracted to Workday—and stay here—because we have an environment where we can continually learn and grow. We are pioneers exploring new frontiers, innovators advancing new technologies. Our leading-edge products are vastly different than those of our major competitors. Our business model is different, too.

of our eligible employees participated in our Employee Feedback and Development process in FY16 and FY17

As we forge new ground, we tend to move quickly and adjust our course as necessary. This pace makes our workplace dynamic and exciting. It also gives our employees opportunities to professionally stretch and learn every day.

Employees at Workday often contribute in multiple ways and take on new responsibilities. This gives them an opportunity to explore new capabilities or deepen and apply existing skills to further contribute to their role, their function, and the larger organization. Our managers, leaders, and other Workmates are there to support them.

Factors for success.

We believe in supporting the way people really want to work. To that end, we have built a simple 5-Factors framework to enable our people’s success. These factors focus on the conditions that help individuals and teams innovate, execute, and grow.

These employee-centric factors create an environment where:

  • We make a contribution that is meaningful and supports the organization’s success
  • We leverage and deepen the capabilities and skills that allow us to contribute in our current and future roles
  • We have identified, aligned, and engaged career interests and aspirations with a plan to support them
  • We make those deep and critical connections through our culture and interactions that help us get our work done
  • We create an empowering climate where we are recognized and rewarded equitably and fairly for our work

And that happens through enabling conversations.

In FY16, 96 percent of our eligible employees participated in our Employee Feedback and Development process where our managers and employees focus on these enabling 5-Factors conversations.

In the coming year, we will shift more fully to a performance-enablement philosophy that will provide employees and managers with tools that curate continuous planning, development, feedback, and conversations in order to enhance our employees’ experiences in real time.

Principles into action: Leadership Summit.

In November 2016, we hosted a Leadership Summit, which was a two-day session that provided several hundred people managers with key perspectives and resources to deepen their leadership capabilities, empower their teams, and reinforce Workday values and culture. In 2017, we will be hosting our second Leadership Summit, which will include additional people managers across the company and will address the same topics as the November Summit.

Career enablement.

Career planning and discussion takes place throughout the year between Workmates and their managers. Career opportunity and development can take many forms: enjoying and deepening a current role, exploring lateral challenges, accepting stretch assignments, or taking on bigger roles. We encourage our people to have ongoing conversations about all of these career-development opportunities.

We offer career-growth programs, tools, and resources, along with a portfolio of learning and networking experiences around the world. Our signature manager development platform, IGNITION, provides our managers with curated, peer-to-peer learning experiences around Enabling Contribution, Growing Capability, Empowering Career, Deepening Connections, and Aligning Recognition and Compensation.

Four career opportunity principles.

Four simple principles guide our decisions and actions.

  • Winning together: We strive to create a mutually beneficial relationship between our company and our Workmates to align our business goals with individual career goals. When our success is intertwined, this practice delivers extraordinary results and there are opportunities for everyone to contribute as we grow together. That’s why we take a company-wide—or One Workday—perspective. We regard a Workmate’s career “sweet spot” as the alignment of their professional passion and capabilities, and the organization’s needs.
  • Workday first: When our people love being at Workday and want to change and grow in new areas, we want them to choose careers with Workday first before exploring outside opportunities. That means helping them be accountable for their careers and working openly with their managers to maintain active career-development conversations. The One Workday program encourages managers and leaders to adhere to our employee core value by encouraging and supporting internal career opportunities.
  • Transparency: Workday applications provide real-time access to view open positions. We encourage Workmates to maintain an open and ongoing dialogue with their managers about their career, role, development, and location interests.
  • Unique paths: We want Workmates to develop their careers and put their passion to work at Workday in many different situations. We want them to contribute in their current job or level if they love it, or expand their breadth of experience by exploring lateral opportunities. They can also increase responsibilities by taking on a broader scope or more-senior roles.
Opportunity graph.

Capturing the dynamic data of career growth and movement across Workday, our opportunity graph looks at an employee’s job profile and shows in real time where others in that role have moved. From a connections perspective, you can drill deeper to see who specifically made which career move and reach out to them to talk about their experience. We are literally putting the opportunity to explore career mobility into the hands of our employees—on mobile as well.


Launched in 2016, the Workday Wellbeing program was developed to improve and enhance the health, Wellbeing, and quality of life of Workday employees by inspiring and empowering them to make a lifelong commitment to Wellbeing. We offer programs around our core pillars: Movement, Health, Nutrition, and Happiness.

Program highlights:

Making healthy habits stick: In November 2016, we launched our new Workday Wellbeing portal to all U.S. employees. The Workday Wellbeing portal aims to help employees achieve and maintain optimal wellness by creating new, healthy habits—such as working out, getting plenty of sleep, eating well, reducing stress, and more. Since our launch, over 80 percent of eligible employees have signed up. Participating employees earn entries into weekly raffle drawings for health-related prizes such as Apple watches, yoga retreats, healthy meal subscription services, or a $1,000 charity donation.

Mindfulness at work: This past summer we hosted a virtual mindfulness program that focused on mindfulness in the workplace. Each weekly session was led by a mindfulness expert and live-streamed to over 200 participating employees. Thirty employees at Workday headquarters participated in our eight-week in-person Mindfulness for Beginners program.

Snacktelligence: This healthy-eating program was rolled out to provide nutritional information to employees about smart snack choices.

Speaker series: We offer a variety of lunchtime lectures to promote health, Wellbeing, and financial wellness. Weekly workshops cover such topics as raising teens, stress management, and aging parents.

Fitness reimbursement and on-site offerings: We have a fitness-reimbursement program, free biometric screenings, walking challenges, on-site massages, showers and locker rooms in our larger facilities, and secure bike storage, and we are building a fitness center at our headquarters, scheduled to open in summer 2017.

Employee recognition.

Everyone likes to be recognized for a job well-done. Showing appreciation for our colleagues’ contributions is an outward sign of care and respect. It supports our primary core value of employees.

Workday managers and employees have multiple ways to say “thank you,” from stock awards to direct feedback in our Workday application. And in typical Workday fashion, we like to have a little fun along the way.

Quarterly, we hand out awards for innovation, outstanding contribution, years of service, patents, fearlessness (yes, fearlessness!), and more. Each month, we name a Workday Hero, recognizing that person’s contributions.

Our people can be nominated for these awards by management and their peers. In addition, we have a culture that recognizes and thanks each other informally, with kind words and warm smiles.

“Thank you” is one of the simplest and best human sentiments ever put into words—and it’s one you hear frequently expressed at Workday.

Global Workplace Safety.

We launched the Workday Global Workplace Safety team in 2014 with a mission to keep our employees, customers, and visitors safe and secure in our offices, training centers, and data centers, and while on business travel.

Since the team launched, we have further enhanced our global safety prevention programs and implemented the following programs:

  • Round-the-clock on-site uniformed safety specialists are stationed in our Dublin, Ireland, and Pleasanton, California, campuses and redundant 24/7 Safety Operations Center.
  • A new Emergency Notification System provides the ability to mass-notify and guide employees via email, text, and phone if issues or events occur.
  • Newly trained volunteers: more than 50 Workplace Emergency Response & Care (WERC) team members now respond to medical events at our Pleasanton headquarters while 95 Life Safety team members can assist employees during building evacuations.
  • New Visitor Registration System: we now require that visitors are preregistered by employees. Implemented in all major offices worldwide, the system sends our visitors email confirmations of their pending visits along with directions to the office. This system accounts for visitors during building evacuations and provides an NDA for visitors to sign.
  • We rolled out global guidelines and training for employees during emergencies.
2015 Area for Improvement

To help keep employees safe while on business travel, we plan to implement a safe-traveler tracking system. It will include monitoring flights, hotel stays, and ground transportation. The Global Workplace Safety team will assist any employee affected by an incident.

2017 Area for Improvement Update

We hired a Travel & Risk analyst to monitor any issues affecting Workmates, offices, and business travelers. This person keeps their finger on the pulse of global incidents and events that could affect business.

“We now have field coordinators in seven of our largest help ensure that employees have a consistently great experience across all of our locations. We manage many aspects of the Workday experience, including our selection of furniture, game rooms, snacks… and we also collaborate on the design of our workspaces and are responsible for safety and ergonomics.”
Kathleen Rardon
Director, Workplace Operations


Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable: A Discussion on Racial Injustice and the Workplace.

The feeling of being uncomfortable is typically internalized. In the workplace, that subject simply isn’t breached. But that’s just what our Black Employee Belonging Council, the Talented Tenth, did when they invited Workmates to gather and discuss racial injustice and external issues that can affect our colleagues on a daily basis.

The Talented Tenth created a forum titled “Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable: A Discussion on Racial Injustice and the Workplace,” and asked a panel of fellow Workmates to help share their stories with the goal of opening the lines of communication around the racial injustice that colleagues may see or experience externally. In addition, the panel raised awareness that these injustices are carried heavy in the hearts of Workmates, at work—unbeknownst to others around them. The standing-room-only gathering was attended by many Workday top executives, and employees came together to listen to and empathize with their colleagues, and to simply offer to be there and look out for one another.

Bringing our core values to life.

To emphasize our six core values, we recently asked employees to dress as one or more value (employees, customer service, innovation, integrity, fun, and profitability) while attending our company meeting. This helped bring our culture to life visually while celebrating the values we talk about frequently as we grow into a larger organization.

Our Co-Founder and CEO Aneel Bhusri even wore a pair of pants emblazoned with the logo of the San Francisco Giants—one of our local baseball teams and a long-time Workday customer—to illustrate our core value of customer service!

Holi festival.

Our company celebrates our employees’ many diverse passions, often through groups such as our Employee Belonging Councils (EBCs) or clubs that focus on anything from chess to ping-pong. In 2016, our new Asian Pacific Islander EBC launched one of its first activities, which was to organize a party to celebrate the India festival of Holi. More than 175 people got together, throwing powdery colors in the air and dancing to Bollywood music, highlighting some of the best aspects of our culture for everyone to enjoy.