Why this is important

A sustainable business must focus on customer satisfaction and responsible business practices. If our customers are not successful, Workday will not be successful. Workday values every customer: Customers drive our success.

For a cloud-based enterprise software company, product responsibility means a tireless pursuit of customer satisfaction. It demands that we protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our customers’ data. And we adhere to our core value of customer service in every investment and decision that we make.

Workday applications help our customers manage employees and their business to maximize human capital, manage costs and gain significant business insights to help guide future strategies. Managers who use our applications get to know and understand their teams better so they can help them grow and thrive. Workers using our technology can do their daily tasks easily and efficiently so they can remain focused on the bigger picture. Our applications let finance managers maximize every dollar in real-time and more accurately plan for the future.

Our priorities

Workday has identified several areas where we commit to customer success and product responsibility.

  • Earn a customer-satisfaction rate of 95 percent or higher
  • Protect the security and privacy of our customers’ data
  • Build applications that make work a better place

Customer satisfaction

High customer satisfaction has been key to our success since the inception of Workday 10 years ago. Customers are our best salespeople. Everyone at Workday has incentive compensation based on achieving 3 key company goals, including at least a 95 percent favorable score on our annual Executive Sponsor survey. To achieve such high levels of satisfaction, we realize that we must do one thing exceptionally well — provide a great ownership experience for our customers.

Protecting customer data

We implement robust technical and organizational security controls to ensure that customer data is kept safe. Our global data-protection program focuses on access, use, disclosure, and transfer of customer data.

Products that make the workday better

We aim to build efficient applications that are delightful for customers to use. Our applications democratize insight for all, no matter what an employee’s role is at a company.

Actions and results

Delivering superior customer service

We initiated programs to create the best ownership experience in enterprise software. In 2013 and 2014, we scored 97 percent favorable on our annual Executive Sponsor survey. We send this survey directly to the executive sponsors at each of our customers, and the results help us identify opportunities to improve our products and services. We met or exceeded our 95 percent goal every year that we have conducted the survey since 2007. To achieve these results, we thought about the ownership experience for the entire customer lifecycle.


Discovering value

During the sales process, our Value Management team engages with a potential customer to educate them on how our model is different from what they may have experienced with on-premise solutions. We help them understand the Power of One, in which our customers benefit from Workday’s single code line, with all of our customers on the same release. It’s easy to collaborate and share knowledge with one another through the Workday Community.

Developing our Community

The Workday Community is a place where customers and partners can communicate, collaborate, and connect with other Workday customers and partners. Community users can access documentation, stay informed on new features, and prepare for updates. Based on ongoing customer feedback, we continue to improve our Community to make it easier for customers to find the information and solutions that they need. We created Product Dashboards to aggregate everything that a customer needs to know about a product area and enhanced the Community Search functionality. Through the Brainstorm, our crowdsourcing platform on Community for product ideas, we delivered over 550 new features suggested by our customers from 2013 through 2014.


Delivering value

When a customer initially deploys Workday, our methods and tools focus on efficient delivery that enables fast value realization. More than 70 percent of our customers are live in production using Workday, which is a testament to our approach. We created a Partner Ecosystem that gives customers a wide variety of choices to get the types of services they need for success.

Whether a customer chooses a partner or Workday to lead their initial deployment, Workday is part of the team through our Delivery Assurance services. Delivery Assurance is a series of checkpoints throughout the initial deployment that are designed to reveal issues early and allow Workday, the partner, and the customer to work collaboratively on solutions.

Expanding delivery assurance

Since 2012, we have expanded Delivery Assurance to include checkpoints for project management to help make sure that the proper governance is in place to drive successful deployment.

Growing our Customer Success organization

We have grown our Customer Success team twentyfold since our last report in 2012. Our customer-success managers coach customers to help them choose the right services and resources from Workday and its partners to realize and increase the value of their investment.

Increasing value

We’ve built Workday products with configurable frameworks that enable customers to adapt to changes in their business. Customers have different needs when they adopt new capabilities. Some customers want to do as much as possible themselves. Others rely on Workday or one of its partners to help with ongoing adoption and optimization. We’ve designed our Education and Enablement Services to help customers, regardless of how much they want to take on themselves.

Adding new learning approaches and facilities

Since our 2012 report was released, we have expanded our education offerings to more than 230 courses. A new offering called Learn Independent combines videos, interactive exercises, quizzes, and tests into a comprehensive online-learning curriculum that students can complete at their own pace. We have also expanded our education facilities in North America and Europe for instructor-led, classroom training to provide more options for customers and partners.

Growing customer-enablement services

We continue to expand our Enablement Services.

  • The Next Level Series: Online demonstrations show Workday in action and give customers tips on deploying features.
  • Expanded Enablement Workshops: Two- to three-day multi-customer workshops include feature presentations, demonstrations, and activities.
  • Configuration coaching: We help customers to incorporate new functionality like Composite Reporting for Financials.
  • Enablement Services: Review and Recommend identifies new ways to optimize a customer’s use of Workday applications. Office Hours provides customers with a way to ask “how to” questions about features they already own and view tailored demonstrations of these features.
  • Consulting Services Marketplace: Customers can submit requests for services to partners or Workday. The selected firms submit bids and the customer chooses the firm it wants to engage.

Identifying value opportunities for customers

To better understand the value realized and identify new opportunities for improvement, customers can engage with our Value Management team for a value-realization assessment.

Investing in customer support

Our Support and Customer Care teams are on the front lines with our customers when they have problems or issues with our products and an important part of our customer satisfaction pursuit. For the past three years, we have conducted detailed surveys with named support contacts at our customers in production. We ask them if they have an overall favorable or unfavorable opinion of Workday. Named support contacts are the toughest customer audience to survey and their overall favorable rating is a higher percentage than that of our executive sponsors the past three years. That result is due in large part to the tremendous customer service provided by our Support and Customer Care teams.


Since our last report, we have increased the scope and number of Support Center locations. With an office now open in Auckland, New Zealand, we added resources in Asia during local hours and off-peak U.S. and Europe hours. We have implemented new support programs, such as Production Readiness to ensure that we are prepared to go live with more than 100,000 users and large Workday Financials implementations. Our Reports and Analytics team assist customers in deploying the very best custom reports.

Getting closer to customers

Since our 2012 report, we have moved to a regional model for the services organization in North America that brings resources and leadership closer to customers so that we see their needs better.


Protecting customer data

Given recent news coverage of data breaches in the private and public sectors, data security is a paramount concern for companies and individuals. At Workday, we’ve built rigorous safeguards into every application and process, and we continually update them. Workday has established a comprehensive set of processes and controls to protect customer data, taking a holistic approach that embeds security and privacy into the design of our services.

We ensure that compliance, privacy, and security considerations are core to Workday’s overall design. Technical safeguards extend from the physical security of our data centers to network- and application-level security. Organizational controls include policies, procedures, and training to ensure the highest security and integrity of our customer data and to protect against security threats or data breaches.

Workday is proud to be a Corporate Member of Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). This organization is dedicated to defining and raising awareness of best practices to help ensure a secure cloud-computing environment.


Workday Privacy Program

Workday takes the data privacy of our customers, prospective customers, partners, and web site visitors seriously. Workday has established and integrated a holistic privacy program that is embedded into our services. The program is built on the philosophy of “privacy by design,” which guides how we build our products and operate our services. We never disclose customer or web site visitor contact information to third parties for promotional purposes. We have experienced no unauthorized disclosures of customer data, nor any complaints from regulatory bodies.

Workday Privacy Policies

Workday has been awarded TRUSTe’s Privacy Seal for Workday’s web sites and for our cloud-based enterprise applications. This seal signifies that Workday’s privacy policies and practices have been reviewed by TRUSTe for compliance with its privacy-program requirements. These include transparency, accountability, and choice regarding the collection and use of personal information. We have also set up a dedicated email inbox ( to collect and respond to inquiries regarding our privacy policies and practices.

In addition, Workday complies with the applicable provisions of the U.S.-E.U. Safe Harbor framework and the U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor framework. We have self-certified to the Safe Harbor framework since December 2007. The Safe Harbor Framework was developed by the U.S. Department of Commerce in consultation with the European Commission and Switzerland as a response to concerns about the adequacy of data-privacy laws in the United States. You can verify Workday’s self-certification at the U.S. Department of Commerce web site.

Audit reports and certifications

Following an independent third-party audit, Workday issues a Service Organization Control 1 (SOC 1) Type II report. This report details controls that are placed in operation and tests of operating effectiveness for the Workday cloud-based enterprise applications. SOC 1 reports cover controls at a service organization that are relevant to our customer’s internal control over financial reporting, and are issued in accordance with the SSAE16 and ISAE3402 standards.

Workday also issues a Service Organization Control 2 (SOC 2) report. This report is based on the AICPA’s Trust Services Principles and Criteria and focus on the operational controls beyond financial reporting. The potential beneficiaries of Trust Services assurance reports are customers, business partners, regulators, organizations using outsourced services, and stakeholders who rely on Software-as-a-Service or IT service providers.

Our SOC 2 includes the Availability, Confidentiality, Privacy, and Security principles of the Trust Services Principles and Criteria. The Privacy principle was included for the first time in 2013, making Workday one of the first cloud enterprise-application providers to include this important principle in their SOC 2 report.

In addition to the SOC 2, Workday issues a Service Organization Control 3 (SOC 3) report, which is a general-use report that covers the principles included in Workday’s SOC 2 report. View Workday’s most recent SOC 3 report.

Workday is also certified to the ISO 27001:2005 standard, an international standard for implementing an information security management system (ISMS). Workday was re-certified in 2013 under a three-year term and successfully completed a surveillance audit in 2014. Workday will pursue certification under the new ISO 27001:2013 standard in 2015.

Products that make the workday better

Work more efficiently

We aim to reduce the clutter in how people work. Our passion is to provide the tools that help workers do their job more easily and enjoy it. Engaging experiences on all devices put our customers in control of where they get work done. Designing for thoughtful practices allows people to work through even complex scenarios confidently and easily. Ultimately, we make businesses run smarter.

Democratize insights

No matter who they are and what their role is in their company, the insights one gains from using Workday makes them better. Workday applications improve people’s performance, but also allow them to be more enriched and connected.

At the individual level, employees can understand and explore the career experiences they seek and how to get there. They can evaluate where they stand and what areas they may want to consider for enhancement.

Managers get to know and understand their team so they can help them grow. They can suggest development to help members of their team achieve their goals and thrive.

We foster connections that make work a better place. When leaders know more about their people in combination with their business, they help steer their team and their whole organization in the right direction. Workday allows managers to focus on what matters the most–their people.


Workday and MGM Resorts International: Engaging Employees in World-Class Customer Service

MGM Resorts International made its reputation, quite simply, by being the best. Bellagio, Luxor, and Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas are among its properties, and the company is rapidly building its premium brand in the United States and worldwide. Its commitment to the highest quality guest experience is legendary in the industry.

Realizing that engaged and motivated employees are the key to providing that customer experience, MGM Resorts looked for the best partner to help make that possible. And they found Workday.

MGM Resorts began its deployment of Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) and Payroll in early 2013. Workday was deployed to all properties in December 2013. Six weeks after full deployment, Leigh Dunn, vice president of HR strategy and measurement, was impressed. “Already, our users love Workday,” she says. “We’re seeing benefits of having all the information in one place.”

In just six weeks, 94 percent of employees at MGM Resorts logged into Workday. “It’s really helping us to get information out to employees and to engage with them,” Dunn says. “We have employees from many different countries. They were able to utilize Workday using their own language, which was a big plus and helped us make the change.”

Workday and the Wounded Warrior Project: Keeping Up with a Mobile Workforce

Created in 2003 to provide programs, services, and events for veterans injured in the conflicts following 9/11, Wounded Warrior Project is one of the fastest-growing veteran nonprofits in the U.S. “The number of warriors we’re serving keeps going up,” says Len Stachitas, the project’s executive vice president. “When I joined two years ago, we were serving about 10,000 warriors and their families. We’re now at 55,000, approaching 60,000. By 2017, we’ll be serving 100,000 warriors.”

As the Wounded Warrior Project grew, its previous human resources (HR) processes couldn’t keep pace with its rapid expansion. “We started out as a small company doing everything on paper,” says Addie Poudrier, executive vice president of Human Resources. “But as we grew and grew rapidly, it quickly became apparent that we needed to modernize our HR system.

At the same time, the organization needed an easy, efficient way to perform the administrative tasks involved in supervising its team members. “Many of our managers are on the road five days a week,” says Poudrier. “And it was very critical that they could access time sheets, payroll information, organizational charts, and performance management reports from their iPhone or their iPad.” To address these challenges, Wounded Warrior Project looked at a number of different Human Capital Management (HCM) vendors. After performing due diligence, it chose Workday. “Workday’s values were very much in line with the Wounded Warrior project’s values,” says Poudrier.

Today, Wounded Warrior Project is a more productive, efficient charity. “The bottom line for the organization is more efficiency, which for us translates to a better use of donor dollars, and we’re going to have more time to serve the warriors,” says Stachitas. “And that’s what we’re all about. Time that we’re not spending on routine administrative tasks are times that we can be spending, either in our division raising more money to help warriors, or if you’re on the program side actually engaging with warriors to help them more.”