About this Report

Our 2015 report shares Workday’s vision and strategy for sustainable business, celebrates our successes, and identifies areas where we can improve. In this section we share insights from our CEO, outline our report profile, and provide results of our materiality analysis.

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Governance and Ethics

Our philosophy demands sound corporate governance rooted in ethical conduct and compliance. In this section we share information on our Board of Directors, Code of Conduct, and Ethics and Compliance policies.

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Sustainability in the Cloud

Our approach to environmental stewardship focuses on impacts that are most material to our business. These include our carbon footprint, investments in renewable energy, managing our e-waste, and engaging with our employees to maximize their collective impact on how we operate.

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A Better Choice for Customers

A sustainable business has to focus on customer success and responsible business practices. In this section we share our approach to customer satisfaction, customer data security and privacy, and building applications that make work a better place.

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A Better Place to Work

At Workday, we have a culture that puts our people first. Here we share our approach to making a people-centered company a reality, including the employee experience, employee development, and employee recognition.

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FY15 Global Impact Report